Our Vision

We believe that health is not only absence of disease, but everything that can increase quality of life.

We believe that learning has to be fun and creative in order to inspire change.

We believe that colours and art have magical potential to change people’s lives.

We believe that health promotions are a powerful tool to carry messages of empowerment, health and social justice.

About Us

CAHMA (Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy) is a peer based AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) service with wide range of community development projects.

Art From the Heart of Canberra is one of the CAHMA projects promoting and developing the application of creativity and the arts for health and quality of life outcomes for people who use CAHMA drop in centre and its services (which are mainly people who use drugs).

This project is modelled from a similar one held in low threshold AOD service in Kings Cross, Sydney and consists from two main parts (check out a short video about the program here):

1. Creating an opportunity for people who use the service to engage in the creative arts, produce the artworks and showcase their creativity.
2. Organising the selling exhibition of the artworks and designing the exhibition launch as a strong cultural event and a means of social inclusion.